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More From a Florida Catholic by Dr. Michael J. Baglino, Ed. D. is an eye-opener.  Indeed, the kind of book that needs attention. The author, Dr. Baglino has quite amazingly put together words that shed light on every aspect of life through a different lens. It gives us room to consider and think about how just a different perspective can alter our culture, psychology, sociology and even politics. This book is a sequel to the author’s first book, ‘You Only Live Thrice’, which was really intriguing. However, contrary to how sequels are, the second book is a double treat to read as compared to the first one. This, we believe, would certainly create positive chaos amongst the audience.   The author certainly knows how to keep the readers engaged, and by the time the readers end reading this one, they’d certainly be wanting more!

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‘You Only Live Thrice’  by Michael Baglino  is a well-written non-fiction book– the kind to have you contemplating on life. It sets inside you a spiritual motion, through which you begin to look at life differently, almost as if through a different lens. This book has insight into a huge part of our lives that needs addressing. The most important part of its content is that it moves the reader, and from where you begin, is certainly not the place you are in when you end reading it!

'Europe Meets Florida: Episodes with Religion, Psychology and Culture' - coming in 2023

'From Gramsci to Freud: 7 Anti Christian Philosophers Who Ruined America' - also coming in 2023

Stacy Turell  on 'You Only Live Thrice'  -  

“This book is certainly an eye-opener for my husband and me. How the writer connected everything around us to our religion changed our perspective and helped us in our Christian walk.”

John W. on 'More From a Florida Catholic' -

“I never thought how our society has changed over the years and how far away we have gone from our God. Thanks to the writer who took the responsibility and enlightened many others like me to more understand culture and the Catholic ways of life.”

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Dr. Michael J. Baglino author of:

“You Only Live Thrice”:  Semi Biographical Articles and Vignettes on Religion and Culture.  2022.  $14.99; Kindle, $9.99


"More from a Florida Catholic": Vignettes Plus on Psychology and Culture. 2022.  $14.99.          

both books available at Amazon, B&N, or this website; Kindle, $9.99