About Dr. Michael J. Baglino, Ed. D.

Dr. Baglino holds graduate degrees from Winona State University, Minnesota and Florida International University,
Miami in secondary ed. admin., higher ed. and the behavioral sciences.  Most recently an adjunct Prof. in Psychology at Palm Bch. State College , he is a professional member of The Society of Catholic Social Scientists.  Dr. Baglino is also a regular contributor to two Catholic magazines - www.Catholic365.com and www.CatholicJournal.us. 

He is also a retired entertainer [singer/actor], performing primarily as a Frank Sinatra tribute artist under the stage name ‘Michael Matone’.  

A parishioner of St. Therese de Lisieux Catholic Church in Wellington, FL, Michael serves as a lector and Knights of Columbus member.   As just plain Michael, he lives with his wife, children and grandchildren, all in So. Florida.

He is the author of:

“You Only Live Thrice” 

"More from a Florida Catholic" 

"Europe Meets Florida: Encounters with Religion, Psychology and Culture" 

 'From Gramsci to Freud: 7 Anti Christian Philosophers Who Ruined America' 

 'The Dr. B. Reader on the Ologies:  Psychology, Sociology Anthropology'

About these books:

In these three books, Dr. Michael J. Baglino [AKA Michael Matone] presents a series of articles and vignettes on religion,
psychology, politics and culture. He shows us that God is with us in our daily lives through all our trials, travels and decisions.
Insights are garnered from classical education along with our participation in this post-modernist world. Throughout we see
splashes of Catholic thought from St. Ignatius of Loyola to St. Thomas Aquinas to a more contemporary soon to be Saint Fr.
Walter Ciszek. Definitely not without humor, Michael presents a down to earth and Catholic perspective to so many of our
contemporary issues